Erie County Lodge Cemetery Records

Temple Shaarey Zedek

Genealogists and people whose families have lived in Buffalo for many generations will have a particular interest in the records herein.  The records cover burials from 1915 to 1982.  They are organized into an index by first letter of the last name, a record by date, and a record by burial section.  You will want a recent version of Adobe Acrobat reader (free download available if you don't have it, which you probably do) because the records weren't all scanned right side up and the more recent versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader allow you to rotate the images.

The Erie County Lodge 300 cemetery is one of the cemeteries on Pine Ridge Road in Cheektowaga.


Records by Date

1914 to 1926 1926 to 1939 1939 to 1953 1953 to 1966 1969 to 1982

Records by Section

North Lots 1 to 10 North Lots 11 to 20 North Lots 21 to 30 North Lots 31 to 40 North Lots 41 to 50
North Lots 51 to 58 North Lots 61-70 North Lots 71-74 North Lots A & B South Lots 1 to 10
South Lots 11 to 20 South Lots 21 to 30 South Lots 34 to 40 South Lots 41 to 50 South Lots A & B


Kehillat Ohr Tzion  - photo taken 3/04

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