Believe It or Not

Dr. Gerhard Falk

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Believe It or Not - the "Liberal" Jews Really Did This


   Wastelands-the Historical Truth is the translation of a book published in 1989. This book claims that the Jews are guilty of the Holocaust. This book also tells the reader that the claim that 6 million Jews were murdered by the European Nazis is an exaggeration. This book also denounces as a Jewish plot the effort by Jews and others to prevent the election of the Nazi Kurt Waldheim as Secretary General of the United Nations and President of Austria.

   According to this book, called in its original language Bespu’ca---povjesne zbiljnostli, Israel is a Nazi state practicing Judeo-Nazism (pp.160-161). We are further informed by the author that the Jewish G’d is a god of hatred, not of love (pp. 172-173); that the worst murder camp of World War II at Jasenovac was really a nice place allowing its inmates to roam freely without and that the management of that camp “was in the hands of the Jews” (pp. 316-319). Innumerable other lies and anti-Jewish diatribes are contained in that volume.

   Now, you would say that the author must have been anathema to the Jewish community, like Farrakhan or the old German Jew killers of the ‘30’s and the 40’s. Not so. Believe it or not, the author of this book was invited to the opening ceremonies of the U.S. National Holocaust Museum in April of 1993. Those who invited this hater were the members of the Jewish management of that museum. The author of this anti-Jewish diatribe was Franjo Tudjman, then the president of Croatia, a former province of Yugoslavia.

    You will of course recall that the United States and our allies, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, bombed Serbia in March and April of 1999. This was done on behalf of the Muslims living in Kosovo, also a province of the former Yugoslavia. Many Jews, and in particular Elie Wiesel, urged President Clinton to fight for the rights of the Bosnian and Kosovo Muslims against Serbia. That being the case, we are entitled to ask “who are the Kosovo and Bosnian Muslims and why are our American Jewish leaders so anxious to defend them?”

    Here is the record. In 1943, when Germany had occupied all of Yugoslavia, the Bosnian and Kosovo Muslims formed an SS division of Storm Troopers called the SS Handschar Division. The men in that division had been recruited by the erstwhile “Mufti” of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, a Palestinian cleric who was living in Berlin and was sent to Bosnia by Hitler to bring about the organization of these troops whose assignment was to kill Jews in occupied Greece.

    Many of these Muslim Nazi soldiers had read the Arab edition of Mein Kampf  by Adolf Hitler. That book had been translated into Arabic by Nassiri Nasser, the brother of the late president of Egypt. In addition to their crimes against the Greek Jews the Muslim division was also responsible for the massacre at Koritska Jama gorge in Bosnia in 1941 where thousands of Jews were slaughtered.

    Altogether, about 20,000 Kosovo and Bosnian Muslims fought in the Nazi “Sword” division, murdering Jews in Russia and everywhere they were sent. One of the most notorious leaders of these killers was Alija Izetbegovic, lately the president of Bosnia. Believe it or not, it is for these people that the Jews of America raised the roof in Washington and insisted that we defend them against the Serbs.

  In 1941, when Germany had occupied all of Yugoslavia, the Muslim Albanians and brethren of the Kosovo Muslims were recruited as police units to serve in Kosovo, which then had a population of 820,000 Serbs and thousands of Jews and Roma.

   Miranda Vickers, in her book Between Serb and Albanian: A History of Kosovo, describes how these Albanian Muslims were involved in forced deportations of Jews and Serbs; how 10,000 Serbs and Jews were burnt out of their homes in scores of villages; how the Albanian 21st Waffen SS division entered Hitler’s army and at once murdered 210 Jews in Kosovo.

    Believe it or not, the American Jewish “liberals” stood up for these Albanian killers in 1999 and demanded that Serbia be bombed on their behalf.

    Now, the Serbs were  victimized as much by the Nazi invaders of their country as were the Jews. There is no evidence that the Jews of Serbia were ever molested, let alone murdered, until the Germans and their Croat allies did so in the Jasenovac camp beginning in 1941. In fact, Serbia became a safe haven for allied airmen shot down over occuped Yugoslavia during the second world war, in that many a Serb family hid such allied aviators from the Nazi occupiers. Likewise, Serbs went out of their way to help their Jewish compatriots during the Nazi horrors.

    Read about this. Read any book on the Holocaust. Read the book by Gilbert, by Davidowicz or the one by Levin. Talk to people who were in Yugoslavia at that time and they will confirm what I have shown here.

    Yet, believe it or not, we Jews defend our murderers against our friends. Is it any wonder that Arafat, the nephew of the notorious Nazi Husseini who spent the second world war in Berlin with Hitler, view Jews as patsies and fools who will give away half of Israel and all of Jerusalem to make “peace” with those determined to destroy us?

    All of these stupid Jewish policies may be lumped together under the rubric “liberal.” We Jews are endlessly portraying ourselves as “liberals” because we “bleed” for everyone but ourselves. We play the “liberal”, willing to go the ends of the earth for other people's causes but not our own.

    Originally, the word “liberal” referred to someone who loves liberty and believes that everyone, including Jews, should live in freedom. Evidently, that word has now come to mean a “knee jerk” liberal who cries for the poor Nazis whose demands must be met in Israel and in Kosovo, lest their mission in life, the slaughter of Jews, not be adequately achieved.  Appeasement of the haters does no good. It only leads to more demands, more surrenders and more bloodshed.  Jewish blood, of course.

    We Jews need to live in the real world. We need to remember the words of Hillel, remember Jabotinsky and remember the Holocaust. Then we must act according to Jewish tradition and in the light of our right to survive. To achieve this it is vital that we substitute action for all that talk.  Bonis exemplis, magis impetramus, quam bonis verbis.

Shalom u’vracha.

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