Anti-Jewish Propaganda

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Carter, Walt, Mearsheimer, Gőbbels and a Dictionary of Hate


  Jimmy Carter, erstwhile President of the U.S., and two professors of political science, Walt and Mearsheimer, have now honored the memory of Joseph Gőbbels, Hitler’s propaganda chief, by continuing the ancient canards against Jews which have poisoned Europe for 1,900 years and which these three seek to promote in this country. Copying their theses  from such bigotry as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Nazi publications, Carter, Mearsheimer and Walt make these claims:

1.     There is a Jewish conspiracy to rule the U.S. and the world.

2.     That American Jews are disloyal to this country because we seek the survival of Israel. Irish Americans who constantly praise the “old sod” are of course not disloyal. Nor are professors of German ancestry. Only Jews. Jewish service men and women who have died for this country are unknown to Carter, Walt and Mearsheimer.

3.     That there is “Jewish blood” which is different from other people’s blood (a real Nazi fantasy), so that Israel rests on “blood kinship”. Yet Arabs vote in Israel but no Jew ever voted in an Arab land (of course, there is no voting in any Arab dictatorship).

4.     That Jews conspired to drive the U.S. into the Iraq war. In fact, the majority of American Jews were and are against the Iraq war.

5.     That Jews control the media so that no one critical of Israel can publish anything. This in face of the fact that Walt and Mearsheimer just published their anti-Jewish tract and Carter did the same a year ago.

6.     Carter even sank so low as to say in a speech at Geneva, Switzerland on November 3, 2003, that if he had been re-elected to a second term he would have instituted “the final solution” to the Jewish problem. The “final solution” was the murder of 6 million Jews in the European gas ovens.

   One of the anti-Jewish methods used by the National Socialists on assuming power in Germany in January of 1933 was the invention of a new vocabulary designed to gain support for their policies among the German people. This was easily attained. Nevertheless, the Nazi propagandists called deportations to gas ovens “resettlement in the East”; Jews were called “non-aryans” and “vermin”; a Jew who had served for years in the First World War for “the fatherland” was called a traitor and coward while a goy who never served became a patriot, etc.

    Likewise, the current gang of haters has invented a vocabulary designed to promote their agenda. Now a Jew born in Judea is a settler; an Arab born in Detroit is a Palestinian (There are no Palestinians - there are Arabs who moved into Israel to take advantage of Jewish blood, Jewish investments and Jewish ability. These are all immigrants from neighboring Arab countries who have no right to be there).

   Israel’s security fence, which prevents the terrorists from killing Jews, is called an “apartheid” wall and Judea and Samaria are called “the west bank” of the Jordan river. The pretense is that somehow “the west bank” is Arab territory when in fact the so-called country of Jordan was separated from Israel by the British in 1920 and given to the Arabs without consent of any Jews. The truth is that the haters want Israel to evacuate the west part of Tel Aviv as well so that they can destroy all of Israel.

   Keep this in mind. The anti-Israel haters hate all Jews. Their attack is a repetition of the ancient anti-Jewish demagoguery that finally led to the Holocaust.

    It is also interesting that the haters are all Democrats. I did not say that all Democrats are hate mongers. I only observe that Jimmy Carter and former representative Cynthia McKinney and former senator Hollings and Al Sharpton and a huge gang of anti-Jewish professors in our universities who call themselves “liberals” are all Democrats.

    It is a peculiar Jewish form of behavior to be the first to denounce bigotry against others but never to stand up for ourselves. So we keep voting for the party of Franklin Roosevelt, the most pronounced Jew baiter of his day, who said at Casablanca in 1943 that he could understand why the Germans persecuted the Jews as there were then too many Jewish doctors and lawyers in Germany; the party of Jimmy Carter, whose fulminations against Jews resemble Nazi propaganda; for the party of Al Sharpton, who screamed in front of a Jewish owned store “burn down the Jew store”; for the party of Cynthia Mc Kinney, who introduced anti-Israel legislation into the House at every session; for the party of Ernest Hollings, who claims that Jews are responsible for the Iraq war and that the U.S. should not support Israel; and the party of the Rev. Jackson, who calls New York City “hymietown”.

     There is no need to apologize for being Jewish. The haters are as intent to murder the apologetic Jews as they are to murder those who have some dignity. Decent people find nothing wrong with Jews standing up for themselves. On the contrary. Our friends find it obnoxious to see so many Jews crawling to the haters by voting for them.

    Yes, indeed, we are “The Chosen People”. We have done more for mankind that any other community at any time anywhere. So shout it from the rooftops. I am a Jew. I am proud of it and let the haters go to hell.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Fraud (2007).

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