The Islamist Threat

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Radical Islam Seeks World Domination

Earlier this year the Egyptian television station IQRAA, financed by Saudi money, sent a program to the Arab world which was hosted by the TV journalist Doua Amer.

That “journalist” asked a three year old girl: “Do you know who the Jews are?”

The little girl answered: “Yes, the Jews are pigs and apes who wanted to poison the wife of our prophet.”

This kind of hate is currently preached to the 1.2 billion Muslims around the world. It is mainly derived from the writings of the Egyptian journalist Sajib (Qutb) Katab (English transliteration).

Katab lived in New York for some years and there came to the conclusion that “the West” is corrupt and that Islam will take its place. He viewed Jews as the most important promoters of Western ideas and as the enemies of Islam. He therefore concluded, Nazi style, that all Jews must be destroyed together with Israel.

Katab also opposed the Muslim states. He wanted all Muslims to be governed by religious law and by theologians believing that Islamic states would succeed in bringing about the world domination of Islam. He therefore asked his followers to overthrow the secular Islamic states such as Egypt. Having returned to Egypt from New York, he was executed by the dictator Nasser in 1966 as a dangerous traitor. In other words, Nasser was afraid of Katab and his followers. This does not prevent the present Egyptian government from preaching Katab’s Hitlerian message and persecuting the Christian population, who constitute about 10% of all Egyptians.

It is not known how many Muslims subscribe to the radical doctrines of Katab because public opinion polls are not allowed in the Muslim dictatorships. There are of course Muslims who follow the Sufi tradition, which preaches peace and is widespread in Western countries.

Radical Islamists murder and kill all over the world and not only in Israel. Only this week they attacked a hotel in Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country on earth. They do this because they wish to achieve world domination. If this cannot be done by peaceful means, then the Islamists will try to do it with terror.

The Islamists are also demanding the abolition of the state. This sounds just like Marxism-Communism and so it is. Therefore there must be no parliaments or democracies. These institutions are viewed as the products of unbelievers and therefore unacceptable. Only countries governed by the Muslim law as interpreted by Muslim clergy must be allowed.

The third aspect of the Islamist program is the utter annihilation of all Jews, beginning with Israel. This insane doctrine is rooted in part in the Koran, the Muslim scriptures, which teaches that Jews rejected the prophet Mohammed in the seventh century (Mohammed lived from 570 - 632). In addition, Islamists are heavily influenced by the writings of Hitler, whose book Mein Kampf has been translated into Arabic and other languages and is the most popular book in all of Islam. This genocidal hate must be taken seriously. There can be no doubt that if the Islamists could do so they would conduct another Holocaust.

The eventual outcome of the Islamist movement is to be a utopia in which the “wise men” of Islam govern the whole world and all unbelievers are destroyed (murdered), or converted to “the truth”.

We recognize therefore that Islamism is the third of three political movements which have plagued the world during the past century. The first was Communism, which led to the brutal dictatorship of Joseph Stalin. Stalin had ordered the mass deportation of all Jews to Siberia when he died in 1953, before his order could be carried out.

The second of the hate ideologies of the past century was National Socialism, or Nazism, which sought world domination by first killing six million Jews and then launching the 2nd World War.

Now we are confronted with the third of these mad movements. Note, therefore, that any settlement of the Israel-Arab conflict based on compromise will not satisfy these haters, who seek the killing of all Jews whether in Israel or elsewhere, including the U.S.A.

The reasons for radical Islamism are several. First there is the recognition by the Muslim world that Muslims have lost their medieval prominence and are now far behind the West and Japan and China and India, both in economic development and technical capacity.

The second cause of the radicalization of Islam is Muslim societies' lack of individualism. Because Islamic countries do not allow individual initiative, there can be no self-fulfillment by hard work or risk taking, which are the hallmarks of capitalism. In Muslim countries, the individual is submerged in the family, the clan and the village. Private enterprise and personal ambition are stifled. There is no room for social mobility. Therefore, poverty and hopelessness are attributed to mythical causes such as “the Jews”, “ the Americans” and almost anybody, but never the Muslims themselves.

Thirdly, these two developments are responsible for the impoverishment of the Muslim world. Poverty creates anger and resentment and therefore gives rise to radical beliefs everywhere.

Evidently, the Islamist ideology, like Nazism and Communism before it, is preached by the educated elite. These educated but perverted haters have a big following among the masses of uneducated and illiterate folk. That was exactly what happened in the Soviet Union and in Nazi Germany earlier. Note that some of the top Nazi killers had advanced degrees in philosophy and economics from major German universities.

In Europe, which has a large Muslim population, we see a repetition of the idiocies of the 1930’s. In those days a large number of so-called “liberals”, including former Jews, followed Communism and even the monster Stalin in the mistaken belief that Stalin would liberate the world for the poor and create a communist utopia. Non-Jewish “liberals” promoted Hitler and claimed that the Nazi gangsters wanted only to rectify the injustices of the Treaty of Versailles.

Now again, European “liberals” side with the most vicious Islamists and participate in persecuting the European Jews. Today, “liberals” excoriate Israel and claim that the “Palestinians” only want the right to be independent. The truth is that the “Palestinians” want to destroy Israel and that no concessions by Israel will ever satisfy them.

Examples of the “liberal” view of Israel abound in America as well. Thus, Bill Clinton claims that the Palestinians cannot be expected to stop killing Jews unless Israel “withdraws” to the 1967 Auschwitz line.

Tom Daschle, Senate majority leader, blocked a Senate resolution designating the P.L.O. as a terrorist organization. Democrat Joe Biden of the foreign relations committee refused to let Bibi Netanayhu appear before his committee, while Al Gore no longer mentions Israel at all during his several speeches since his “defeat”. There was a time when Al walked around New York wearing a “kippa” and kissing the assets of Orthodox rabonim.

In addition, almost all “liberal” American journalists preach the Arab anti-Israel line while “conservatives” recognize the Islamist danger. Yet, eight out of ten “Jews” vote Democrat for reasons we shall explore at a later date. Meanwhile, ask yourself this: “If Israel is destroyed by lack of American support, can the secular Jews of the U.S.A. be far behind?”

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Grandparents:  A New Look at the Supporting Generation (with Dr. Ursula A., Falk, 2002), & Man's Ascent to Reason (2003).

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