Israel's Security Fence

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The Fence

Nothing is more indicative of the murderous intentions of the Arabs than their screaming objection to Israel’s security fence. That fence will be 650 kilometers or 402 miles long when completed. The purpose of building that fence is, of course, to keep the killers out of Israel and prevent more of their homicide attacks. Therefore, those who object to the building of that fence feel deprived of opportunities to murder. The murderers object that they cannot enter Israel and kill at will.

The so-called “Palestinian” prime minister, Mahmoud Abbas, has done nothing to dismantle the terrorist structure. Instead, the terrorists are using the three months truce imposed on them by the United States to increase their weapons and plan new murders. The prisoners released by Israel are of course ready to resume their slaughter at any time. Therefore Israel has no choice but to build a structure consisting of chain link and barbed wire as well as concrete. This “fence” includes a network of cement barriers, an underground system of long range censors, unmanned aerial vehicles, trenches and land mines. The “fence” also includes a deep ditch and a dirt road and an asphalt road running alongside the barbed wire. The asphalt road is wide enough for a tank.

This “fence” costs Israel $1.6 million per mile. Obviously such an amount is staggering in comparison to Israel’s total economy. Yet, there is no choice. This cost has been imposed on Israel by the Arab killers whose sole purpose in this world is to murder for the sake of murder. They are killers without a cause. Therefore we can conclude that only someone seeking to slaughter innocent civilians and commit mass murder would object to this security device.

The fence will have guarded gates allowing some “Palestinians” to enter Israel to work there. This raises yet another interesting question. Why do the “Palestinians” want to work in Israel? If they want an independent “state” why don’t they want to stay on their side of the fence and work there? We know the answer already, don’t we? Jewish money is welcome even among the worst of the haters and killers. In fact, the only reason there are any Arabs in the Holy Land at all is that they migrated there from the surrounding Arab countries in order to take advantage of Jewish development, Jewish ingenuity, Jewish investment and Jewish labor. They also hope to kill the people whose bread they eat every day.

There is now a “security fence” around Gaza. This has prevented homicide bombers from entering Israel from there. In contrast, more than 300 killers have entered Israel from the areas of Samaria and Judea, which have no such fence. Likewise, murder gangs have entered Jerusalem and spilled blood there. Therefore Israel is also building a security fence there. That fence will run 30 miles around the Holy City.

The security fence is not a border nor is it designed to create political realities before negotiations with the Arabs have been completed. The sole purpose of the fence is to prevent more mass killings.

The fact is of course that the only answer to the “Palestinian” bloodletting is separation. Every poll and every pronouncement by the Arabs has shown that their sole purpose is murder, killing, bloodshed and brutality. Therefore, Israel has no choice but to keep the killers out.

There is yet another reason for building the security fence. That is to prevent the Arabs from inundating Israel and overrunning the whole country with Arabs until the Jews become a minority in their own country. The Arab reproduction rate is huge. Their population is expanding immensely. Therefore the Arabs want to move into Israel so as to reduce population pressure within the area of Israel occupied by the terrorists, i.e. Judea and Samaria.

If this were to go unchecked, then Israel would have to pay for the education, health care, welfare benefits, housing and employment of millions devoted to the destruction and murder of the Jewish population. Therefore, the fence serves the important purpose of keeping the so-called “Palestinians” in their second state (Jordan is their first state), where they can enjoy their independence and their tyranny.

It is of course possible that the “fence” now being erected will eventually constitute the political boundary of Israel. This may well be the final and third partition of Israel. The first partition came when the British handed all of the eastern part of Israel to the Arabs for the creation of so-called Jordan. The second partition came when Israel successfully defended itself in 1967 against twenty Arab armies and created the unofficial “green line”. If you have been in Israel you have seen that the Jewish side is well farmed and green while the Arab side is brown and dusty.

Those who object to all this might ask themselves this. If Canadians came across this border and indiscriminately murdered out citizens, what would you demand from this government? Think about that.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Grandparents:  A New Look at the Supporting Generation (with Dr. Ursula A., Falk, 2002), & Man's Ascent to Reason (2003).

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